Satellite images show progress of Xiongan New Area over the past five years

Since the beginning of October 2021, 939 resettlement buildings have been delivered in Rongdong District in Xiongan New Area in a series of phases. So far, nearly 60,000 residents who were relocated have settled in their new homes in Rongdong District.

The left part of the combo  photo, which was taken by a satellite, shows Rongdong in 2017, while the right part shows Rongdong in May 2022.

  Aiming to relieve Beijing of functions non-essential to its role as the national capital, Xiongan New Area in north China's Hebei Province has witnessed huge development and recorded a total investment of more than 430 billion yuan (about $61.75 billion) since its establishment in 2017.

Construction of Xiong'an New Area completes massive investment

  BEIJING, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- The construction of Xiong'an New Area has completed 400 billion yuan (57.55 billion U.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region sees growth in foreign trade

  Aerial photo taken on Dec. 18, 2021 shows a container ship by the Pacific international container terminal at the Tianjin Port of north China's Tianjin Municipality. (Xinhua/Zhao Zishuo) TIANJIN, Aug.

Migratory birds under state protection ‘settle’ in Xiong’an New Area

A Chinese spot-billed duck forages with her chicks in Baiyangdian Lake in the Xiong’an New Area, north China’s Hebei province. (Photo/Gao Teng)

  Chinese spot-billed ducks were recently seen playing and foraging with a flock of adorable chicks in the Baiyangdian Lake of the Xiong’an New Area, north China’s Hebei province. The bird species is on China’s list of terrestrial wild animals which are under state protection and are of important ecological, scientific and social value. At first it was only a migratory bird species in the Xiong’an New Area; and now it is a resident species that has produced and started to raise offspring in the area.