Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei share over 7,000 standards

  An intelligent connected bus runs on a road in Rongdong area of Xiong'an New Area, north China's Hebei Province, March 29, 2024. The new area aims to relieve Beijing of non-essential functions related to its status as the nation's capital, while also advancing the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. (Xinhua/Mu Yu) BEIJING, May 16 (Xinhua) -- Market supervisory authorities of Beijing and Tianjin municipalities, as well as north China's Hebei Province, said on Thursday that over 7,000 standards spanning various fields have been shared within the region.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordination nets results

  Workers inspect a tunnel that is part of Line 22 of Beijing's urban railway transit network, which passes through Langfang, Hebei province, last month. The line will link the capital's Pinggu district to its downtown area via Yanjiao, an area under the administration of Langfang but located just across the Chaobai River from Beijing. WANG XIAO/XINHUA Over 10 years ago, daring to hang your clothes out to dry was often a fool's errand in the dusty Luquan district in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, as they'd likely come indoors dirtier than they were before.

Top-level design charts course for Jing-Jin-Ji coordinated development

  BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- In northern China, a megacity cluster -- known as "Jing-Jin-Ji" -- spanning an area of 216,000 square km and with a population of over 100 million, is emerging as one of the country's most dynamic, open, and innovative regions. Since February 2014, the coordinated development of the Jing-Jin-Ji region, or the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, has been a key national strategy.

Education cooperation helps bridge gap in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

  SHIJIAZHUANG, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- During the winter vacation, students at an elementary school in Xiong'an New Area, about 100 km southwest of Beijing, were seen reading in the school library, writing calligraphy, singing in classrooms and playing games on campus. They were enjoying the free winter vacation care service offered to students whose parents were too busy to take care of them.

Jing-Jin-Ji region stronger after a decade of coordinated development

  BEIJING, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Central Green Forest Park is a popular site in Beijing, with its lush vegetation and relaxing atmosphere, but aerial photographer Ma Wenxiao still remembers the place being black with chemical plants and chimneys when he first flew here 20 years ago. After shutting down the factory, the city planted trees and flowers, and created beautiful landscapes in the area.