Photo taken on Jan. 17, 2019 shows an inner view of Xiongan citizen service center in Xiongan New Area, north China's Hebei Province. (Xinhua/Mu Yu)

To invest in Xiongan, it's the right time

After China unveiled the blueprints for Xiongan New Area two years ago, the "demo area" for the country's new development model has been under close scrutiny.

Xiongan has global reach, robust growth

Xiongan New Area, which was first announced two years ago, has been attracting increasing attention from foreign companies given its huge development potential.

China to start wide-ranging construction at Xiongan New Area

China's Xiongan New Area, a millennium green city featuring innovative development in northern China, is to transform from being a just blueprint to a tangible reality starting this year.

Green development ready to go in Xiongan New Area

Xiongan New Area will control the use of land by developing up to 30 percent of its area in the long run, leaving the rest for green space and water landscapes, the State Council said on Wednesday.