Fishing ban begins in Xiongan

  SHIJIAZHUANG, May 16 (Xinhua) -- The first fishing ban has began in Baiyangdian Lake in Xiongan New Area in north China's Hebei Province, in an effort to protect fishery resources and biodiversity. The fishing ban started Thursday and will be effective until July 31, according to the agriculture and rural affairs bureau of Anxin county in Xiongan. Authorities with the bureau will take measures to ensure that the ban is strictly implemented.

Relocation project starts in China's Xiongan New Area

  Aerial photo taken on May 14, 2019 shows the view of Gongzhuang Village of Bayu Township, Rongcheng County, Xiongan New Area, north China's Hebei Province. Relocation has officially started in Xiongan New Area, a new city in the making about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing. A large-scale building phase will start this year at Xiongan, authorities said.

Track-laying starts for Beijing-Xiongan intercity railway

  Workers begin laying rails on Monday for the expected railway line connecting Beijing and Hebei province's Xiongan New Area. [Photo/Xinhua] BEIJING - Workers on Monday began laying tracks for the Beijing section of an intercity railway linking the capital with Xiongan New Area. The intercity railway line, set to be operational by 2020, will be an important link between the urban areas of Beijing, the Beijing new airport and Xiongan New Area.

China to start wide-ranging construction at Xiongan New Area

  Aerial photo taken on March 31, 2019 shows the fields of Xiongan New Area, north China's Hebei Province. (Xinhua/Mu Yu) XIONGAN, Hebei Province, April 1 (Xinhua) -- China's Xiongan New Area, a millennium green city featuring innovative development in northern China, is to transform from being a just blueprint to a tangible reality starting this year. On April 1, 2017, China announced plans to establish Xiongan New Area, located about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing, in what an official statement called "a strategy that will have lasting importance for the millennium to come and a significant national event.

Xiongan area's rosy prospects draw workers

  Improved public services among attractions as new zone's focus shifts to construction Wang Ning has worked in the Xiongan New Area, a new economic zone in North China, for nearly two years and expects to become a permanent Xiongan resident in the future. Wang, 35, considers herself a "Xiongpiao" - a term she created based on "Beipiao", a description of outsiders who live and work in Beijing but do not have permanent residency. The accountant at China Railway Xiongan Construction Co came to Xiongan in July 2017, three months after the new area was established in Hebei province.

Xiongan New Area to begin large-scale substantial construction

  BEIJING, March 5 (Xinhua) -- The Xiongan New Area in north China's Hebei Province will start large-scale substantial construction as the top design of the area has been completed, vice governor of the province Chen Gang said Tuesday. More than 200 teams and 1,000 experts from China and abroad have participated in the plan making, Chen said at the first "passage interview" of the second session of the 13th National People's Congress that opened Tuesday. In April 2017, China announced the establishment of Xiongan New Area about 100 km southwest of Beijing.

Xiongan shifts its focus from planning stage to full-scale construction

  An aerial view of Xiongan New Area. (Photo/Xinhua) As the water diversion project is in full swing in Xiongan, North China's Hebei province, Li Qingshan, who is responsible for the project, makes no secret of his pride. The project, taking water from China's Yellow River to Baiyangdian Lake, the largest in the province, is one of the first to be carried out since the central authorities announced the establishment of Xiongan New Area in April 2017.